I’m a 3rd year Undergraduate Student at Purdue University majoring in Computer Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Economics.

I am currently interning at Google in Seattle, where I am working with the Google Cloud AI team on using model distillation to create explainable AI.

I interned at Qualcomm in San Diego this summer of 2019, where I worked with the System Performance Team on implementing Deep Learning to predict the set of Quality of Service (QoS) parameters that will allow the Snapdragon 865 chip to mitigate the loss in power when playing (decoding) and recording (encoding) videos.

I am also a researcher at Professor Aly El Gamal’s lab at Purdue University, where I work on Deep Learning for Signal Processing and Wireless Communications for applications that entail Modulation Classification and Interference Identification.

I have worked on various projects involving Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, and Feature Selection. I am generally interested in Computer Vision and the application for GANs to prevent adversarial attacks on Autonomous Driving Vehicles.

Here is my Curriculum Vitae (updated Aug 2019).